GhanaThink Foundation Profile

The GhanaThink Foundation is a youth-led social entreprise based in Ghana & the US. Its primary goal is to mobilize and organize talent for the benefit of Ghana. In effect, it seeks to mobilize and organize talent and resources for the service of Ghana and of the world. With the idea generations and discussions that come out of this, it seeks to support these ideas into projects, programs and ventures. Its vision is to build a critical mass of patriotic, passionate, positive, proactive, progressive and productive people.

GhanaThink's landmark initiative now is the Barcamp Ghana program. Its mission is to build a network of changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs. This is primarily through Barcamps - free networking forums - where people come together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. These Barcamps provide a platform for youth to network, discuss important issues, and develop new partnerships. With 66 events and counting since December 2008, Barcamp Ghana has been the launchpad for business start-ups (such as Afrochic, Ahonya, Ashanti Tours), Google Developer Groups, Junior Camp Ghana, and new career opportunities. The events have reached over 10000 young leaders. Activities such as speed mentoring, panel discussions, and user-generated breakout sessions all harness the energy, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit of participants to bring about positive action. The program has partnered on 6 affiliate Barcamps with Ashesi University, Ghana Ports & Harbour Authority, GH Scientific, Africa Mobile & ICT Expo and UPSA.

Junior Camp Ghana was started due to the impact Barcamp Ho and Barcamp Tema 2012 made in the lives of a couple of Keta SHS students. It is a program that provides value to high school students in Ghana, focusing on career mentoring & guidance events for senior high school students. It started in earnest with 4 events in 2013 across the country. It had organized 30 events as of November 2016. The program has expanded to cover junior high schools. It partnered with the Youth Impact Workshop and Robotics Inspired Science Education programs in 2014. It has impacted over 8000 students. In 2015, it created the first paid internship program for senior high school (SHS) students in Ghana - Junior Camp Internship Program. 10 SHS graduates were trained for 2 weeks and interned for 2 months with various companies. Through partnerships with various organizations, it has organized Junior Camps in Apam, Yamoransa, Cape Coast, etc.

Another GhanaThink program is the Ghana Volunteer Program, created out of the success of the first National Volunteer Day (NVDay) which falls on Founder's Day. It connects volunteers with volunteering opportunities and activities in Ghana. On September 21, 2013, over 40 volunteer activities with over 300 people involved happened around Ghana as part of the NVDay initiative. It got volunteers for the Read Aloud Campaign, Agribusiness Bootcamp and Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Unilever’s Global Handwashing Day in 2014. For NVDay 2014, there were over 80 activities around Ghana with over 500 volunteers. For NVDay 2015, there were over 90 activities around Ghana with over 1000 volunteers. For NVDay 2016, there were over 60 activities around Ghana with over 1000 volunteers.

Through a partnership with the US Embassy Ghana, we organized Tech Camp West Africa, bringing together over 100 West African entrepreneurs together for a weekend workshop in February 2015. Around the theme of ‘Adapt, Empower, Measure’, participants from Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Liberia gained a lot of knowledge, experience and network to become more valuable to their organizations and communities. We also organized the Measure Seminar as a follow to #TechCampWA focusing on "Measuring Impact For Growth". GhanaThink also partnered on the 2015 SADA Youth Forum and the 2015 PIA-Ghana Networking Dinner. We also partnered on the Yale Alumni Service Corps Ghana 2016 Trip.

Needing to keep the community and network built via Barcamps strong, we introduced Kumasi Konnect in 2014. It is to connect people, places and products in a quarterly networking event. As of July 2016, there have been 6 Kumasi Konnect events, 1 Tamale Connect and 1 Cape Coast Connect. Our local teams elsewhere in Ghana will follow suit, increasing activity, engagement and collaboration amongst young achievers.

GhanaThink supports many Ghanaian initiatives through promotion, online engagement and resourcing. In 2013, it engaged people on sexual health issues through the #FiestaDebate which is sponsored by its partner, Fiesta Condoms GH. GhanaThink also partners and supports many forward-thinking initiatives and events in Ghana. Some of the past projects we have partnered on are Pacific Ideas' Financing Your Startup seminar, the launch of UNESCO EFA-GMR report, Springboard's Speed Mentoring Program, DAIN Network's Agribusiness Bootcamp, TEDxCapeCoastED, TechNeedsGirls GH, etc.

Stay tuned to the GhanaThink Foundation on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Contact us at info at ghanathink dot org.