Eugene Kofi Jim Tandoh

I want to be the Ghanaian without any ethnic or tribal lineage, both parent told me they hail from the Central region. Myself! I've there once on mine own as a tourist. I grew up in the Eastern and Greater Accra regions of Ghana . Senior high education was at Ofori Panin in Tafo. Fante, Guan, Ga, and Twi are the few local languages I can do with.
Undergraduate education took place in Legon, where I explored the fields of Psychology and Computer Science. Also during the summers at Legon I tried my brains on a few entrepreneurship courses and computer programming training with the KACE-AITI center and the MIT-AITI group. If not hurting ma brains, then I'll end up in Cairo-Egypt, Bar Harbor-Maine or in Chiapas-Mexico with Prime Tours - the student exchange organization that I worked for as their campus representative.
Currently, I am working with Africast Global Media Inc. I am in love with all entrepreneurial stuff, especially in generating and promoting start-up business ideas in the areas of tourism, multimedia and IT. Internet surfing, reading and talking are ma other lovers.