About GhanaThink

Who/What is GhanaThink?

We are an Africa-focused think-tank based in Ghana.
Our mission is to mobilize and organize talent for the benefit of Ghana and the world.

We aim, among other things,

o To serve as a source and reservoir of ideas for the advancement of all humanity, beginning from the society and culture that has most influenced our way of thinking about the world ”our cultural neighborhood" Ghana;

o To organize the mass of brilliant Ghanaian talent around the world in the service of their cultural neighborhood.

GhanaThink seeks to mobilize and deploy human capital for the primary benefit of Ghana, and consequently of Africa and the whole world, for we are each our brother's keeper.

GhanaThink's vision is to build a critical mass of patriotic, passionate, positive, proactive, progressive and productive people.

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Our Legal Status

The GhanaThink Foundation is a registered non-governmental not-for-profit organization in Ghana with registration number G1, 103. It is also registered as a not-for-profit in the USA with IRS code 501 (c)(3) status.
It is registered as an international and Ghanaian policy research organization in the state of Connecticut, USA. It is also registered in the state of Massachusetts, USA, where its registration number is 000890442.

Our Working Principles

GhanaThink thrives on the free flow of information, a friendly atmosphere and the loss of the paranoia of our neighbors. We want to make a difference so we choose to do it differently.
Our principles are motivated by this higher purpose: to restore the confidence of our peoples, especially the most disadvantaged.

We believe in homegrown solutions to problems, because these are inherently more robust.
All labor is purely voluntary.

Our watchwords are:

o Sincerity

o Integrity

o Responsibility

o Commitment

o Acceptance of diversity

Our Structure

GhanaThink's operations is overseen by a managing executive - board of co-founders .

We have an executive that manages our operations in Ghana, made up of heads of various functional teams. We have functional teams around finance, logistics and administration, online, marketing and projects. We have active local teams in 12 different locations in Ghana.

We have a Diaspora team that manages our operations in the US, UK and in the Diaspora. This is divided into fundraising and outreach teams.

Our Programs

We currently run 3 programs with the support of our functional and local teams.
Barcamp Ghana
Junior Camp Ghana
Ghana Volunteer Program

Our History - old branches of GhanaThink

The GhanaThink Foundation is an outgrowth of GhanaConscious, an online community formed by university students from Ghana on October 2, 2001 out of a desire to mobilize other Ghanaian students in the Diaspora for service to Ghana. GhanaThink Foundation has grown from in its functions. For its first 5 years, it was run around these branches below.


This is the online GhanaThink community (web portal). GhanaConscious carried news, announcements of interest to and had forum discussions and blogs for the GhanaThink community. Its vision was to provide a support group for free-thinking individuals and groups interested in tackling the challenges faced by Africans today. By connecting all GhanaThink-minded people through the medium of the internet, it allowed their ideas to find expression through Tsooboi, Homefront, and AfricaThink. It has since been archived here.


The Tsooboi section of GhanaThink encouraged and co-ordinated innovative projects and ventures that brought the best of Ghanaian ingenuity and culture back to its people. It provided the over-arching structure for each project designer/group to interact with the GhanaThink community. Tsooboi projects were undertaken mainly by Ghana-conscious youth. Some of our successful incubated projects include Kasahorow, Museke, amongst others. The current Barcamp Ghana program emerged from this as well.


This was GhanaThink in action. Its vision was to implement and support tangible GhanaThink ideas as generated by the GhanaThink Community and Tsooboi. It facilitated the phasing of projects out of Tsooboi into commercial and independent ventures.

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