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The idea behind the GhanaConscious banner is to represent Ghanaian role models in various disciplines and careers that the youth of Ghana can look up to.

They are as follows

Ken Ofori Atta
Ken Ofori AttaKen Ofori Atta is one of the most respected CEO's in Ghana. He was born in 1959 and grew up in the small town of Kibi, later moving to Accra where he went to Achimota School. He earned a BA in economics from Columbia University (1984) and an MBA from the Yale School of Management (1988).

Ken is the executive chairman and co-founder of Databank Financial Services Limited (Ghana), a full service non-bank financial institution established in 1990, in Ghana. Prior to founding Databank, Ken had worked at Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers in New York.

He is the first African fellow of the Aspen Institute's Henry Crown Leadership programme and has been honored as a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum of Davos. He is a member of the president of Ghana's Investor's Advisory Council and also a member of Technoserve International.

Estelle Akofio Sowah
Estelle Akofio SowahEstelle Akofio Sowah is a manager and businesswoman. She was born in Scotland to a Ghanaian father, Christopher Nii Nai Akofio-Sowah and Scottish a mother, Labrada Akofio-Sowah. They moved to Ghana when she was about six (6) months old where she grew up in Osu, Accra and attended Ghana International School (GIS). She left Ghana for the UK after her O' Levels to continue her education at Sussex University where she majored in Economics and Development Studies.

Estelle is the Managing Director of BusyInternet - one of Africa's largest cyber centers, located in Accra. Before ascending to this position, she worked with the Professional Network Association (Pronet), a local British NGO which partners with WaterAid in the implementation of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion projects in Ghana. She also worked as a coordinator for the National Poverty Reduction Program.

She led a programme to select and assist start-up companies with business plans to incubate them within Busy Internet’s premises for a period of 18 months called the Busy Incubator.

Dzifa Tamakloe
Dzifa AmegashieDzifa Amegashie is a businesswoman, consultant and economist. She started her education at Christ the King Catholic School in Accra, Ghana and holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, U.K and an MBA from Imperial College, University of London. She has contributed widely to numerous debates and research on small enterprise promotion and development in Africa.

Ms. Amegashie is currently a Partner in a Ghanaian management consultancy practice, BDC Consulting Limited, where she created and has overall responsibility for the firms SME Business Unit. Before joining BDC, Ms. Amegashie served as an Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), Ghana. She has also worked at CAL Merchant Bank, Ghana, and Ashanti Goldfields Corporation.

Ms. Amegashie was recently selected as one of the World Economic Forum's 100 new global leaders for tomorrow (GLT) class of 2003 is fast becoming one of the most influential women in the Ghana and the West African sub-region.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa
Kwaku Sintim MisaKwaku Sintim-Misa aka "KSM" is a producer, talk show host and actor. He was born on December 5,1956 in Kumasi. He attended the UST Primary School before going to the Presby Boys Secondary School (PRESEC), Legon, in the 1970-71 academic year. He then left for Prempeh College, Kumasi, where he completed the sixth form course in 1977. He enrolled at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) as one of the pioneer students. He earned a degree in Theatre Arts, majoring in acting and directing from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. He continued to the Masters of Fine Arts Programme in film production at New York University for the .

He has worked with several film companies and produced many television shows through his company, Sapphire Entertainment. Some of the productions include Thank God It's Friday, Divorce Court, Build your ark, while working on others like Abeka Lapaz, Deep South and Truth or Death. He has also worked in radio, presenting on Vibe FM and That’s My Opinion and Connection with God on Choice FM.

He is Ghana's foremost stand-up comedian. His shows constanly sell out and these include The Saga of the Returnee (his maiden show), Politically Incorrect, Pure Madness, Zero Tolerance, The Trial of Jesus Christ, Colonial Independence, Take Cover and Afia Siriboe, Ghana @ 50, Castle or Suicide.

Akosua Busia
Akosua BusiaAkosua Busia is an actress, and writer. She was born on December 30, 1966 and is the daughter of Kofi Abrefa Busia, the ex-prime minister of the Republic of Ghana. Her sister is the poet and academic Abena Busia. Akosua grew up in Ghana and attended the prestigious Central School of Drama and Speech in London where she graduated early and went on to star in projects for the stage and screen throughout Europe.. She was also educated at the University of Oxford, England. She graduated early and went on to star in projects for the stage and screen throughout Europe.

She has appeared in films such as Ashanti (1979), The Color Purple (1985), Crossroads (1986), Rosewood (1997), Mad City (1997), Tears of the Sun (2003), and Ascension Day (2007).

Akosua has written The Seasons of Beento Blackbird: A Novel (Washington Square Press, 1997). In addition, she was one of three writers who co-wrote the screenplay adaptation of Toni Morrison's novel, Beloved, for the 1998 Beloved directed by Jonathan Demme.

Patrick Awuah
Patrick AwuahPatrick Awuah is a director, founder and engineer. A product of Achimota Sec School, he left Ghana in 1985 to attend Swarthmore College and graduated with an engineering degree in 1990. He later joined the Microsoft Corporation working as an engineer and program manager. He became a millionaire before he was 30. In 1997, He enrolled at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, to work on his dream of founding and managing a university.

He left for Ghana to begin the process of founding Ashesi University. Ashesi, "beginning" in Akan (Twi), is a private liberal-arts college in Ghana that aims to train true leaders. On Dec. 17 2005, four years after enrolling its first crop of freshmen, Ashesi issued its first diplomas to a graduating class of 20 students.

In 2004, Swarthmore awarded Patrick an honorary doctorate in recognition of his leadership in African higher education. He is a fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative (a project of The Aspen Institute, Databank, and Technoserve) and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pacific Council on International Policy, and the Tau Beta Pi national honor society for excellence in engineering.

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By now you may have seen our new GhanaConscious look at the new website. We’re changing the overall look of our website to capture an exciting and user-friendly image that is indicative of our mission and community.

Composed of an African map and the three colors we often see in many African flags, the new logo incorporates the three colored dots from the old GhanaConscious logo and the concept of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS captures the notion of idea sharing from a variety of sources. In our case, it involves the syndication of content from subject related postings or sound waves contributed in an African context.

While the colors red, gold and green take on different meanings for each African country, setting them against the backdrop of an African map represents the generation of ideas that occurs on GhanaConscious from all of Africa. Our blogs and forums may spring from different backgrounds, locations, ideologies and disciplines, but we all have one end goal.

It is our hope that the new logo will renew an interest and enthusiasm to help make the GhanaConscious a community of people who take particular interest in discussing issues affecting its cultural neighborhood (primarily Ghana) and generate homegrown solutions for development.

As a user, you have the same capabilities — keeping a blog and contributing to a forum or blog discussions. GhanaConscious also gives you the opportunity to network with people from various academic and social backgrounds. If it’s been a while since you visited, log in, update your profile and help us learn more about you. And while you are it, join a group at Homefront (also set to have a new look soon!) Feel free to email comments about the GhanaConscious website to us.

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1.GTPC.06 - We have a winner

In July of 2005, we announced The GhanaThink Foundation Invitational Programming Contest dubbed 1.GTPC.06. The main aim of the competition was to encourage and motivate graduating seniors of Ghanaian tertiary institutions to design and develop their senior projects for the Ghanaian market which would not be prototypes for their departments only.

The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm by the GhanaThink community and we received donations for the prize money. Sadly, the same enthusiasm did not come from the target academic community.
Among the schools invited, only students from Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology (KNUST) registered for the competition. A total of 4 groups registered, with only one group completing the competition successfully.

After a thorough verification of the entry, we are proud to announce the winners of our maiden programming contest. Eyram Tawia and Francis Dittoh supervised by Dr. J.B. Hayfron-Acquah will receive a cash prize of $300. Their project was a 3D Computer Game called The Sword of Sygos. The game was implemented using the Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET programming language and utilised the Truevision3D engine.

The story line from the manual reads:

The King of Rome, Aribanis and his son Horutius, has their kingdom under attack by an evil dark force Antobis and his army. Antobis has invaded Rome and taken over the castle and held Horutius captive behind bars.

Horutius had the chance to escape into the woods with the help of Cyprus, an old wizard who knew about a prophecy. The prophecy of Sygos states ; "if a non royal should rule Rome for 5 earth days, Konkos, the invinsible dark demon would descend and rule earth and humanity would be gone forever."

Only He with the Sword of Sygos can destroy him.

In search of the Sword of Sygos, Horutius returns home to fight for his rightful throne. All within 5 earth days.

Francis and Eyram believe that 3D graphics is a good platform for teaching. They also believe that as Ghana's IT sector develops there will be a need to break out of the traditional sectors like databases and networking into 3D graphics development.

Congratulations to Francis and Eyram for winning the 1.GTPC.06. They will be receiving their cash prize of $300 within the next week and will be profiled in the GhanaThink newsletter Gong-Gong. Their thesis will be made available on Africathink in pdf format.

Again congratulations to Francis Dittoh and Eyram Tawia

We would also like to express our gratitude to the GhanaThink community judges for their support and patience.

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The site now sports our new logo which symbolizes progress, ideas-to-reality; less talk and more action. It consists of a light bulb, a clock and an outline of the African continent. The light bulb with the outline of Africa represents homegrown solutions and ideas. The clock divides the light bulb into two segments, representing the passage of time. The bold segment implies implemented ideas and solutions while the grey section represents work that remains to be done.

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