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GhanaThink is an Africa-focused think-tank that seeks to mobilize and deploy African diasporean talent for the primary benefit of Ghana, and consequently of Africa and the whole world.

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"I guess it is also possible for the next event to still have registered delegates, Observers and even Spokes persons who for one reason or the other cannot be there in Accra to be linked by video over the internet of course with this site as a portal right? Skillfully linked by moderators on both sides so they have their input? Microphones, webcameras, headphones and the power of web vision?
Of course i do understand that participation will be limited to only those who have the neccessary gadgetry but it will be one step ahead of Twitter dont you think? Not to mention their registration fee will also help?"
Omanba makes a comment about Abocco's entry about BarCamp Ghana.

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